Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why must they ask these questions?

I am filled with righteous indignation, even more than usual. You see, my co-religionist Ray Comfort is getting a lot of angry comments from people who are just going to hell anyway. I'm not sure why we bother with them, but, at least in this life, they do seem rather loud.

You'll remember Ray, the keen scientific mind who developed an ironclad proof for the existence of God:

Well, Ray has apparently stirred up a lot of controversy by saying that God tortures Holocaust victims. This is not just something he's tossed off without thinking: he challenges readers to think about whether free salvation should be limited to people who died in German concentration camps, or could be available to people who died under communism or in car crashes. For some reason, this has upset the atheists. It's nothing compared to how upset they'll be after they die and discover that they were wrong, but WHAT. EVER.

I'd like to point out that this entire freak show is entirely the atheists' fault. They asked Ray if Jews would go to hell. He tried to duck the question, and then decided to answer. It's not as if those pesky atheists didn't already KNOW what Ray would say. It's as if they're surprised or something. No, this is all their fault.

Listen, atheists: Nobody is forcing you to listen to Ray Comfort. If he's preaching on the street, just take a different road. Don't ask him questions and then get all upset at the answers.

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