Monday, April 21, 2008

The land will vomit them out

How TYPICAL of the atheists to come up with something like this. They disgust me. Not that this is anything NEW, of course.

Listen up, atheists. There is NO EVIDENCE for a flying spaghetti monster. You can tell that I'm telling the truth, because I used the caps lock.

On the other hand, my religion is 100% real, and I am prepared to prove it, right here and right now. Get ready to be bowled over from the shock of finally seeing the light.

1. I exist, and you exist. Therefore, something must have made us. That's God. (Uriel 1, Atheists 0.)

2. If God did not exist, I would be a murderer. I know this. The only thing stopping me from committing atrocities is the knowledge that there is a God. (You can't make up evidence like this. Uriel 2, Atheists 0.)

3. My holy book is true. I can prove this through many, many lines in my holy book that all state that my holy book is true. On the other hand, you've got no holy book at all. What, you DON'T have thousands of years' worth of tradition on your side? (Uriel 3, Atheists 0.)

4. You just hate God. I knew that was your real problem. Don't worry. God hates you, too! (Uriel 4, Atheists 0.)

5. Wait a minute. I don't need to finish the list. You're going to see that I'm right soon enough. Your perverted lifestyle only leads to one thing, after all.

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