Monday, June 11, 2007

Yeah, what that guy said!

So I went over to that evil of the modern world, YouTube, and I searched for my favourite topic. And lo and behold! Look what popped up!

This is called Satan's Tool: The Truth About Contemporary Christian Music. I'm starting to think that perhaps I was wrong about YouTube. Any website that would include a video that is so quick to judge others can't be all bad.

Listen to this guy. He is telling you how to know if music is holy or not. Some of you heathens probably think that the lyrics can tell you if a song is about G-d. Well, that's where you're wrong.


Torq said...

I suppose that I was thinking that beauty and the intention would be the important qualifiers.

Heh, the dude has some interesting definitions of what holy things are. I can't recall a passage in the bible that tells us that the "boogie boogie" is not holy music.

Then again I would agree that not all music is appropriate in a church. It's interesting as well how well this gentleman knows the "unholy music."

Of course I am not really a holy man either. I ain't no preacher man! So I yield to the greater holiness of this dude.

Uriel said...

That is because you are a heathen and a pervert. I wouldn't expect you to understand.