Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's very hard to be me

Friends, I apologise for my long absence, but this is a crisis. What if the other guy's religion is actually the correct one? What does that mean for ME?

I am doing my best to ignore these thoughts. I need people like Brother Edward to help me through this. Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Linguist said...

I'm not sure how you are taking Ed's comments. As I watched this video, it became apparent that Ed is being facetious. For one thing, he calls the Bible "unerrant." The word used by those of this opinion is "inerrant." For another, he blatantly points out conflicting instructions given in the Bible and just says (and I pararphrase), "Accept the contradictions and act accordingly." No inerrantist would say this. They would claim very loudly that there are no *real* contradictions in the Bible, only *apparent* contradictions. They would then go through a great song and dance explaining why the contradictions aren't "really" contradictions.

So my question is, are you a biblical inerrantist or not? If you are, then I can see why Ed's video is bothering you. If you are not, then maybe you aren't picking up on his facetious tone, and you are bothered by the fact that the Bible might be inerrant but that you haven't believed this up until now, and you are wondering if God will condemn you for your lack of inerrantist belief.

I don't know whether this helps clarify your thinking or not. Like I say, I don't know what point of view you are coming from. If you think there would be any point, you can contact me via my blog.



Megan said...

Hi Linguist,

I've responded to your question over at my other blog.

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