Friday, December 21, 2007

Uriel 1, Pagans -- well, do we HAVE to give them a number?

Friends, I am pleased to announce a partial victory in the War On Me.

As you know, some people write books that I disagree with. Other people write books that I used to like, but now hate because I found out that the author isn’t a member of my religion.

So I’m happy to announce that a Toronto school board has banned His Dark Materials from its school libraries. These books are not in line with my values, even though I didn’t realize it the first time I read them. Clearly, they must be pulled from the school shelves. Big Government shouldn’t be forcing children to read these books, even if, technically, they weren’t being forced to read them. Making them available is basically the same thing as forcing innocent children to sin.

My critics are heathens and atheists. Libraries can’t possibly include every book: they have limited budgets. They have to be prudent about which books they buy. Therefore, removing this book that they already had on their shelves will actually save tax dollars. I read that somewhere.

However, this is just a partial victory. Removing the books from the library only protects children while they are in school. What about after school?

I’m calling for volunteers to do a house-by-house search. These books must be destroyed. I cannot believe that they make my religion look authoritarian. We DO NOT throw our weight around and demand that other people follow our religion! They can be as heathen as they want, as long as I don’t find out about it.

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